The gastronomy of Albarracín, and in general of all this Sierra, is characterized by being forceful, and of tasty dishes.

The roast lamb to the shepherdess, as well as, the canned pork are the typical meats of this part of the province of Teruel; the garlic soups, the toasted soups, and the migas are also common dishes in the table of the Sierra Albarrecense, and that can be tasted in most of the restaurants.

The round bread, the cañada (oil bread), and handmade wood oven pastries, also have a special mention, as well as the typical and famous almohábanas, traditional sweet dessert of Albarracín.

On the other hand, and as a gastronomic reference of the whole province of Teruel, the Teruel Ham, and its various references of typical cheeses, are products of obligatory tasting.

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