Nature in its purest state

Albarracín has an exceptional natural environment, surrounded by a lush and intense nature. Near the village and very close to the houses of the Senda del Cabrerizo, there is a simple and very beautiful hiking route that leads you through the Protected Landscape of the Pinares del Rodeno (1995), to the shelters of the cave paintings, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The landscape of the rodeno is characterized by its vivid color due to a soil in which red sandstone is predominant. The passage of time and the erosion produced by water compose images and whimsical shapes of these rocks, which are worth contemplating.

The main shelters are those of Prado del Navazo, Doña Clotilde or Cocinilla del Obispo. Where schematic human figures are represented hunting or gathering and scenes of animals, in red and white colors.

The Guadalaviar river bathes the orchards of Albarracín and flows through the Sierra until it practically reaches Teruel capital. The course of the river, especially in autumn, gives us a festival of color that remains engraved in our retina. The ochers, oranges, reds of the poplars and deciduous trees allow us to contemplate a wonderful landscape. On the other hand, the nearby mountains through which the river water does not flow are full of oaks, oaks and aromatic plants such as rosemary and thyme, so typical and characteristic in this area of Sierra.

The villages near Albarracín have wonderful places to spend the day and enjoy nature in its purest form. The routes and trails in this area are very wide and well signposted.

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